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What's Covered:

Ambrozic Home Inspections performs complete and thorough home inspections using the NACHI Standards of Practice and the latest technology, with no set time limit. Our inspections cover important exterior and interior components and highlight problem areas with detailed photos. Consider it an introduction to your new home. During the course of a home inspection, hundreds of items need to be checked, some double checked! So the listing below is only a basic outline of what is inspected. Basically we inspect everything! From the foundation to the roof and everything in between! ***

EXTERIOR - The visible portions of the hard surfaces, such as the fences, yard walls, walkways, decks and porches. Is there an adequate difference in elevation between the exterior grade and the interior? The exterior cladding as well as windows, doors and exterior lighting are meticulously inspected.

Interior - Kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, den, office, library, walls, ceilings, windows, skylights, outlets, entry doors, sliding glass doors, identification of the floor covering and their condition, smoke detectors.

Structure - Foundation crawlspaces, footings and columns, sub-floors, walls, chimney foundations and mortar. Load bearing wall Identification. The attic and its structural role is thoroughly examined as well as a visual inspection of the roof sheathing for signs of water intrusion (moisture stains) around vent stacks, dormer vents, etc.

Roofing - Identification of the material type and estimated age of the roof covering. All dormer vents, skylights and vent stacks shall be inspected for proper installation and jack flashings. The presence of rain gutters and their condition will also be noted in the report.

Electrical - The service entrance type and location. Grounding and main bonding jumper, branch circuits, outlets and their type, Wire and breaker sizes will be analyzed as well as all sub panels.

Heat-A/C - Description of system type and capacity. Inspection of all accessible thermostat/controls, visible duct work, supply and discharge lines. Condensate lines will be identified and explained. (condensate lines are a major issue in moisture and mold control).

Plumbing – Inspection of the main supply lines, distribution lines, water heaters, fixtures, vents, traps and drains. We also check for proper installation of copper plumbing and re-pipes. The waste drainage system will also be described and evaluated when visible.

*** Inspection of the Fireplace is very limited. For the most comprehensive findings on your fireplace you should consult with a specialist. 

*** Please also note that our inspections are limited to the visual scope of the property. Any areas that are not accessible, viewable (such as areas behind walls or under floors) locked, covered by furniture or fixtures cannot be inspected. If the home is currently occupied we do not move personal property to inspect concealed areas. Please see our inspection agreement for more information.

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